Einas International Trade & Consultancy (EITCUK) is a rapidly growing General Trade company based in London, United Kingdom. We are distinguished among UK firms by our intimate knowledge of East African emerging markets, and the close links we maintain with local entities who have recently sought to meet the ever-increasing demand for food products and other manufactured goods by engaging with the global market. Our relationships extend likewise to nascent and established producers of raw materials, operating in the fertile and resource-rich environments that these regions often contain. In facilitating international exchange and mutual benefit, we draw upon the needs and corresponding opportunities created by the acceleration of population growth witnessed across the globe.

We work with a large and diverse base of East African clients, primarily in Ethiopia, Chad and South Sudan. We are well placed, despite a globalised competitive landscape, to thrive as distributors and trade brokers using our market knowledge and network of contacts.  Our activities focus on the trade of manufactured food products as well as the import of agricultural raw materials including Gum Arabic, Baobab, Hibiscus, Sesame and others.

Selected Products